Taiwanese Beauty Snake

The Taiwanese Beauty Snake (Orthriophis Taeniurus Friesi) is a large constrictor originating from Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. They are the largest species of rat snake in the world and live for around 20 years.

These snakes grow to around 6-8 feet (females being larger) and have a pretty pattern of circular spots and stripes down their body. They are generally mostly Yellow/Brown with black markings. These snakes are not for beginner keepers due to their size and that they can be quite aggressive.

This species is semi arboreal so they need an arboreal vivarium with plenty of branches to climb and plants to hide in. The enclosure should be at least 6x3x3 foot for an adult with a heat gradient of around 24-29 degrees Celsius which can be provided with a heat mat controlled by a thermostat. A substrate of coco fibre or bark can be used and humidity can be low at 50%.

Taiwanese Beauty Snake

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These snakes are ferocious feeders and will eat around every 7-8 days as adults. In the wild they will eat mice, rats, birds and will also eat bird eggs. They can be given frozen mice, rats and chicks in captivity. A bowl of water should be provided big enough for the snake to fit its whole body if it wants to.