Long Tailed Lizard

Long Tailed Lizards (Takydromus Sexliniatus) are a small, thin terrestrial lizard originating from India to Indonesia in South East Asia. They are very spindly with a body diameter of only 1cm, yet they can reach a length of up to 30cm! Most of their length, as their common name suggests, is made up of their tail with their body being only around 6cm. They have a predominantly dark to light brown body with yellow/orange stripes running from their nose to the base of their tail. They are very easy to handle as they are very docile although they can be slightly skittish.

A glass terrarium of at least 45x45x45cm is okay for a pair of these lizards although more space is better as they are very active and will utilise all the space given. Substrate can be bark or a sand/soil mix and decor is essential as in the wild they will climb and hide in blades of grass. Plastic or live plants such as Chamaedorea elegans (PPL204) and cork bark can be used to achieve this. Temperatures need to stay at around 24-38 degrees Celsius using a heat lamp and they need a UV strip of at least 5.0. Long Tailed Lizards need to be sprayed a few times per day to keep a humidity at 70-80%.

The Long Tailed Lizard

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A shallow bowl of fresh water should be provided daily. Long Tailed Lizards will eat insects such as small Crickets, mini Mealworms, fruit flies etc.