Imperial Scorpion

The Imperial Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) is native to West Africa.

This is an excellent beginner scorpion as it is less aggressive than other scorpion species. They are black in colour with large pincers and can reach up to 20cm in length (including their tail). With the right care an Imperial Scorpion can live up to 8 years. These can make an impressive addition to anyone’s collection.

Although Imperial Scorpions are more docile than other scorpion species and their sting is said to equal to that of a Bee’s, it is recommended that they are not handled.

In the wild their burrows can be found in the side of sandy banks or dry rocky areas. The chosen enclosure should have a substrate 6 inches deep of peat mixed with some sand. This will help hold moisture whilst allowing your Scorpion to safely dig tunnels. You can decorate the enclosure with moss, bark and rocks. A shallow water dish with clean water should be provided for drinking.

Imperials live on a diet of insects, including crickets and locusts.

Imperial Scorpion

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