Hunting Beetle

The Hunting beetle (Thermophilum sexmaculatum), also known as the Domino beetle due to their black body and white markings, are a predatory beetle with an unusual life cycle in the wild. The young Hunting beetle larvae will inhabit an ant’s nest feeding on the ants and their larvae. They become accepted as part of the colony by the ants after they assume their scent.

Adult Hunting beetles can grow up to 40mm and originate from the Northern states of Africa.

Hunting beetles have an unusual form of defense. Unlike other species of beetle who’s mandibles are strong enough to defend against predators or rivals, the Hunting beetles are not. Instead they squirt out an acrid fluid from their bottoms to disable their enemies!

Hunting beetle

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Hunting beetles are terrestrial and require a simple set up. A substrate mix of sand and coco fiber with bark or plants for the beetles to scurry about on would be ideal. A small dish of Bug gel can be provided for the beetle to drink from. Spray lightly a few times a week to stop the substrate becoming too dry.

Hunting beetles will eat appropriately sized crickets.