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Microclimate Movies

ProRep Movies

121 Movies

Zoo Med Movies

Lucky Reptile Movies

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Arcadia Movies

Peregrine Movies

corn on camera

Arcadia Movies

Arcadia Reptile – Welcome Video

Arcadia Reptile Introduction to our brand


Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn

Arcadia Reptile – UVB Tubes for Reptiles


Arcadia Reptile D3+UV Flood UVB Projection Fitting

Arcadia Reptile Compact lamp reflector


ALL NEW generation 2 Arcadia Reptile D3 Basking lamp

Arcadia EarthPro-OmniGold Complete diet for Blue Tongue Skinks and other Omnivores

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-CalciumPro-Mg

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-Dragonfuel, HerbiMix and InsectFuel


Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-ShedSupport

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-A.

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-Custodian fuel, Insect food

Exo Terra Movies

New UV Rating System

Reptile Vision

Why Buy Exo Terra Terrariums?

Tortoise Food

Exo Terra Habisphere Terrarium

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Cleaner

Terrarium Decor Cleaner

NO CORN! Exo Terra Reptile Food

Lucky Reptile Movies

Bearded Dragon Mix

Bright Sun

Dwarf Gecko

Ground Gecko

Microclimate Movies

Prime Software

B2ME HT Thermostat

B2ME Pulse Thermostat

B2 HT Pulse Thermostat

B1ME HT Dimming Night Time Drop thermostat

B1ME Dimming Thermostat

B2 Pulse Thermostat

B1HT High Temperature Dimming Thermostat

B1 Dimming Thermostat

Ministat 300

Ministat 100


Peregrine Movies

Bio-Active Set-up


ProRep Movies

Tortoise Food


Repashy Movies

Leopard Geckos being raised on Repashy Grub Pie exclusively

Feeding the leos Repashy Grub Pie

Repashy Grub Pie

Repashy Veggie Burger vs. Bearded Dragon

ProRep Movies

Venom Defender Gloves

121 Animal

121 Animal

ProRep Movies

Smoke Test Video

Viv Exotic

Viv Exotic

White Python Movies

WhitePython LED Light Instructions

Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflector Setup

Jungle Terrarium Set-up for Arboreal Reptiles

Viv Exotic

Viv Exotic

Zoo Med Movies

Digital UV Index Radiometer

Repti Rapids LED Waterfalls

Reptihabitat 40 Gallon Bearded Dragon Kit

Reptihabitat 40 Gallon Turtle Kit

ReptiHabitat 40 Gallon Tortoise Kit

ReptiRain Dual Nozzle Automatic Misting Machine

501 Turtle Cannister Filter

Turtle Dock

ReptiHabitat 20 Gallon Aquatic Turtle Kit

ReptiHabitat 20 Gallon Bearded Dragon Kit

ReptiHabitat 20 Gallon Snake Kit

Excavator® Clay Burrowing Substrate

Pacman Frog Food

Build a Naturalistic Terrarium


Turtle Pond Dock

Reptibreeze LED Deluxe

Cavern Kit

Zoo Med Gourmet Foods

Eco Earth Coconut Fiber Substrate

ReptiSun LED/UVB Terrarium Hoods