Emerald Skeleton Tarantula

The Emerald Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus uatuman) originates from the tropical forests in Brazil. Adults can reach up to 4 inches in size and their shiny green rumps make them a very attractive display animal.

This species is more for advanced keepers rather than beginners, as they are a fast species that can be fiery on occasions. For these reasons, it is not recommended to handle this species.

In the wild they live in burrows that have been dug into the earth amongst the vegetation. They will need approximately 6 inches of substrate to allow for plenty of burrowing. For your substrate, you can use a mixture of coco fiber, peat or spider life and will need to be firm enough for the tarantula to make burrows. Hides are not important as this species prefer to burrow but you can add bark or plant for a more natural look. Keep the substrate damp with a light misting once a week.

Emerald Skeleton Tarantula

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Emerald Skeleton Tarantulas will eat crickets or locusts.