Peregrine Livefoods Covid-19 Policy and Procedures


During the global pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), Peregrine Livefoods has reviewed current policies, procedures, and current government guidelines to ensure safe working practices at all times throughout the company. Therefore, new measures have been introduced to all staff, suppliers, and contractors to ensure a clean and safe environment within our facilities for all to follow to protect themselves and others they come into close contact with.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Currently all employees of Peregrine Livefoods facility are required to wear of Hi-Visibility Clothing and Safety Boots as a minimum.  We have different RRP and PPE requirements for all departments.  However, they will now also be required to wear a face mask when they are out of their departments where we cannot maintain social distancing especially when in the warehouse or welfare areas. This equipment will reduce the contact between individuals, surfacing and ultimately reduce the probability of infecting themselves and others. When applying and removing a facemask, hands must be sanitized before and after touching your face at one of the cleaning stations around the site, or by using the cleaning equipment provided to each vehicle. The same procedure is required when wearing gloves and protective eye wear. Drivers are also required to wear this PPE when making deliveries.

Social Distancing

All individuals must maintain 2 metres distance between each other at all times. This is a fundamental request from the government to reduce the spreading of the virus. We have developed workstations across the warehouse and office to introduce this.

Within the office this involves only using designated desks which may have been relocated, where this is not possible, we will divide with a physical barrier such as Perspex. Office staff will where necessary they are able to be put onto a rota enable more people to work from home instead of being based in the office.

In our Livefoods and Livestock areas we have achieved 2m distancing by engineered solutions and redesigning our workplace.

Designated areas have been marked on the floor and staff will be required to work within these sections. Should they need to move within the warehouse, be mindful to not enter someone else’s area and maintain 2m distance at all times. If staff need to be less than 2m distance from another individual to complete a task, employees collaborate and agree the best solution.

Where tasks are being assigned Line Managers will dictate who should be partnered up based on our Covid-19 risk assessment. The task will need to be assessed to ensure it is undertaken safely whilst maintaining distance where possible. The task will also need to be completed in the shortest time and work either back-to-back or side-to-side where possible. The most common areas for points of contact are walkways and welfare facilities. There will now clearly marked throughout the business.

When using toilets and other welfare facilities, we have enhanced our cleaning programs, and this is the same rule for areas to make hot beverages and water cooler.

Forklift and other equipment

The forklift is essential for the lifting and manoeuvring of items in the warehouse. Before a new driver uses it, it must be disinfected on points of contact such as the steering wheel and gear knobs. All staff are required to wear gloves whilst using it as stated in the PPE clause. Where it is not possible to only have one driver a day, the next driver must disinfect before using. Along with the forklift there are other equipment utilized within the warehouse for manual handling, including, sack barrows, pallet trucks and trollies. Before using any equipment, it must be disinfected before and after use at all points on contact. Cleaning products will be located around the warehouse for easy access.


Maintaining a clean environment is essential with conquering of the virus, therefore we must regularly and where necessary clean our workstations. Areas must be disinfected at the beginning, after lunch breaks and end of the day. Cleaning products will be accessible around site. If staff come across any products which are running low, they must inform their line manager so they can be replenished. We advise all employees to shower when returning home from work and washing clothing at 60 degrees to kill any bacteria. The facemasks and gloves staff have been provided are washable under the above instructions.

Company Vehicles

Peregrine Livefoods vans will continue to visit customer sites, the cab is cleaned every day. Drivers wash or sanitize hands before every time they enter the vehicle. Whilst in transit windows must remain open or have Air Ventilation to provide circulation of air. Internal and external door handles must be disinfected. When returning to Peregrine Livefoods site to unload, drivers have restricted access to the warehouse.

Where delivering to customer sites they have their own stock of PPE for each delivery, they maintain the 2m distance when physical goods are being handed over.  Signing for deliveries is evolving and we are trialling different method of obtaining these POD.  Please do not be offended if our driver asked to take a picture of the goods in situ.

Return to Peregrine Livefoods

Staff who have been absence from work due to self-isolating complete a return to work document and additional Covid-19 checks to ensure they are in good health.


Peregrine Livefoods will continue to review and update this policy as required. We continue to follow all Government Guidance and all regulations provided by HSE. If there are any concerns regarding this policy or our performance, contact our office.