Brown Basilisk

The Brown Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus) inhabits the rainforests of Latin America. They are often seen basking in trees around the edge of streams and rivers, although they can sometimes be seen a long way from water.

They are very alert lizards and if they feel threatened they will dive from the branch and into the water to make a quick getaway. With enlarged flaps of skin between their toes and the ability to run fast on their hind legs they are able to run on water. This has earned them the nickname ‘The Jesus Christ Lizard’.

They are olive / brown in colour with a white / yellow stripe running the length of the body that cuts through black vertical stripes. However, the stripes may fade as they grow. Males have an impressive crest on their head and can reach a size of up to 60cm, Females are smaller and lack the crest.

In captivity they will require a large, vertically orientated enclosure with a large water area for them to bath in. They will eat a variety of appropriately sized feeder insects and some may enjoy the occasional soft fruit.

Brown Basilisk

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